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What’s the buzz on the Frizz Cure service seen on 6ABC???


On Thursday May 6th, Channel 6ABC did a segment piece on Frizz Cure.  Frizz Cure is a process which reduces frizz, volume and bulk.  It leaves the hair smoother and more manageable.  Frizz Cure is not a relaxer, and will not remove curl.  The process will take approximately 2-3 hours.  It is recommended that the client receive a haircut after the Frizz Cure process.  A consult is also recommended prior to the service.



    1. Can I get a Frizzcure if I have had a relaxer?
          Yes, however you must come in to have a strand test done of your hair to see if it is strong enough to have the process done.


     2.  How soon can I wash my hair after this service?
          You can wash your hair after 24 hours.  However, you cannot have any clips, rubber bands, hats touch your hair.  It absolutely cannot get wet; not even perspiration.


     3. Will I lose my curl?
          If your hair was straight before puberty, it is possible that it will go straight again.  If your hair is curly due to bad texture, it will possibly go straight.  If your hair texture is fine, it possibly could go straight.  With all of these, curl could come back in 5 - 7 shampoos.


     4. What types of hair work best for this service? 
          Every person's hair is different and reacts differently.  The process mimics the desert.  If your hair is only curly in humidity, the hair will be straight.  If  your hair is naturally curly, the process will reduce frizz and leave curl.


     5. Can I do the frizzcure service if my hair is highlighted or bleached?
          Yes, but you will have to come in before your service and have a pre-treatment on your hair to strengthen the highlighted parts.  (If your hair is a high lift blond and also has bleach highlights in it, you are not a candidate for this service).


6.      What is the price?

140 for stylist, 145 for senior stylist, 150 for designer (prices vary depending on length and/or texture of hair)


     7. How long will I be in the salon?
          Approximately 2 1/2 hours.


     8. Can I have a consultation?
          Yes, you can book a complementary consultation.


    9. How often does this service have to be repeated?
          Approximately 4 - 5 months.






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